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Batch job tags don't show up everywhere


When creating new AWS Batch jobs via the SubmitJob API (done in Python, boto3), I see the submitted tags show up in the AWS Batch console. Where I don't see them though, is

  • The DescribeJob API (done via AWS CLI, aws batch describe-jobs ...
  • Job State change events sent to EventBridge

Is this a bug or intended behavior?

If it's intended, what is the appropriate way to tag my jobs so that Batch events have arbitrary key/value pairs that I can match EventBridge rules against?

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Accepted Answer

I found a way to do solve my (EventBridge) problem using AWS Batch's parameters option for jobs.

This is a way to write an EventBridge rule that matches a specific parameter set for filtering purposes

  "source": ["aws.batch"],
  "detail-type": ["Batch Job State Change"],
  "detail": {
    "parameters": {
      "match_me_exactly": ["only-this-should-match"]

This will filter down to job state events that come from a job submitted like so

  # other stuff here ...
  parameters={"match_me_exactly": "only-this-should-match"}

Other types of content matching can be figured out from EventBridge's docs

answered 16 days ago

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