S3 gateway SMB share slow save in windows to folder with 500+ objects


Hello, We are experiencing a very slow file saving when the file is being saved in a folder with more then 500 objects . applications can hang for over a minute. Saving to folders with few objects is not an issue. Using S3 gateway with for VMware with SMB share.

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I'm Mike with the Storage Gateway team.

A performance problem like you describe can have many different causes, so if you do have premium support, I strongly recommend opening a case so that we can examine your issue in detail. If not, here are common things to check that can significantly impact performance:

  1. Undersized gateway VM. Make sure that you have at least 4 processors and 16 GB of RAM allocated to your file gateway VM. We strongly recommend that you set the memory reservation to 16GB of RAM as well.
  2. Undersized cache disk. If you are using a minimum sized cache disk (150GB), you may be churning your locally cached data. A larger cache may be needed. You can look at your gateway metrics to see if you have high dirty cache or a low cache hit rate that may indicate a larger cache is needed:
    ** https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/storage/aws-storage-gateway-provides-simplified-monitoring-for-file-gateway ** ** https://docs.aws.amazon.com/filegateway/latest/filefsxw/monitoring-file-gateway.html#understanding-file-gateway-metrics **
  3. Your underlying VMware datastore may be underperforming or oversubscribed for IOPS. High performance listing of files and quick reads/writes are directly affected by the VMware storage under the datastores that hold your file gateway disks. If the underlying storage is slow, your gateway will be slow. Make sure the root disk and the cache disk are on high performing shared storage. The root disk especially is important when listing files and is a small 80-100GB disk. If you have shared SSD that you can easily move the root disk to, I would recommend it. The cache disk needs to be on shared storage that is fast, but can work quite well on most SAN connected storage arrays.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Mike H., AWS SGW, SE

answered 2 years ago

Hello, has anyone else experienced the above issue? this was not an issue with cached files gateway that was used previously.

answered 2 years ago

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