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Sagemaker Studio default server failing


Hello, I am trying to start Amazon SageMaker Studio today but without success. The default server is failing to start. On CloudWatch I only see SIGKILL messages as errors:

2022-06-07T10:55:01.523+02:00	2022-06-07 08:55:00,466 WARN killing 'jupyterlabserver' (11) with SIGKILL
2022-06-07T10:55:04.524+02:00	2022-06-07 08:55:01,470 INFO waiting for jupyterlabserver-listener, jupyterlabserver to die

On the Apps section I see the default server in status "Failed", and I cannot do anything, not even delete it.

I cannot use the service right now. Is it maybe related to the new release of Jupyter Lab v3.0?


asked 4 months ago42 views
2 Answers

Hi, Could you try the steps from this documentation? You mention that you cannot delete it. How does the UI look like? Is the Detele button greyed out? Could you try shutting down all the services in the Studio and create a new one?

answered 4 months ago
  • Thank you for your reply, I am still stuck on it! I cannot delete the JupyterServer app it is greyed out unfortunately, that's part of the reason why I am stuck. Also the guide you linked suggests to do that or do it inside Studio, but of course I cannot do any of them. I would post some screenshots but it looks like it's not possible here.


Hello. Just as an update for this question, the final solution was to delete the entire SageMaker domain suing the AWS cli and recreate it from scratch. Having done that the problem is no more there, so I encountered by chance some unexpected AWS internal error that stuck my entire domain. Best

answered 3 months ago

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