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Renaming Empty Folders in S3


Hi Experts, I didn't find a similar question asked anywhere else, so spare me and point me if this has been previously asked.

I am using AWS Cli to rename folders recursively using mv command in S3. However only those folders which have a file in them are renamed. Empty folders are kept untouched.

e.g. consider the following structure





In case the folder b above is renamed to x, the following will be revised structure. See that last empty folder c is unchanged.





Is there a way to perform a complete rename, even if it's an empty folder?

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Regards, Anshul

1 Answers

I think you might have to clean these up. Here is how to find the folders that did not get moved:

aws s3api list-objects \
    --bucket test-bucket \
    --query 'Contents[?ends_with(Key, `/`) && contains(Key, `b/`)].Key'
answered a month ago
  • Thanks. But that means I will need to recreate all the empty folders again at the target location. That might not be a good thing performance wise, in case the nested folders are deeper to many levels.

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