Is it possible to create custom parameter group for Lightsail relational MYSQL database instance?


I have 4 database instances in Lightsail, i needed to use triggers but it turned out that creating triggers is not enabled by default, as a solution i must change a database parameter which i did to 3 out of the 4 instances i have, it looks like the remaining instance is set to use the default parameter group (which i couldn't update) instead of having a custom parameter.

Any thoughts?

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If it is a Lightsail managed database, you should be able to change the parameters using the following command.

If you are using RDS, you can change the parameter group to a custom parameter group by following the steps in the document below.

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answered 22 days ago
  • It is a lightsail managed DB and i already tried the update parameter solution it worked well with all the instances except one, failed with the following error message: (InvalidInputException) when calling the UpdateRelationalDatabaseParameters operation: Cannot modify a default parameter group.

  • Based on this documentation, it seems that Lightsail managed databases are configured with a custom parameter group when they are created.

    When you create a Lightsail database, that database uses a custom parameter group named after the instance endpoint. Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) DB instances use a default DB parameter group. To modify the database parameters for a Lightsail database instance, use the AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI).

    There is a possibility that this is a bug, so we recommend that you open a case with AWS Support under "Account and billing". Inquiries under "Account and billing" can be made free of charge.



Please contact AWS Support under the free support plan to get the issue looked into and allow you to update the database parameter.


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answered 22 days ago
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