Restore Folder from root?



A user has apparently deleted a large folder form the root of one of the shares our FSG.

Does anyone have any ideas for the easiest way to recover it?

Current state of play:

  • On the s3 bucket, the folder is only visible if I am in the "show versions" view, but selecting the folder does not enable the "restore" menu item.

  • Going into the old version of the folder in "show versions" mode shows the subfolders and files, including delete markers for the files (but not the folders)

  • I can click on files individually and download them, but I cannot restore them (presumably because the folder doesn't exist), I also appear to only be able to do this one file at a time.

  • there are tens to hundreds of files and multi tiered directories, so one at a time will be a pain.

  • I have downloaded 'cloudberry explorer for amazon' as I saw suggested somewhere, but that appears to only enable the "show version" menu item for objects that are visible in the root folder (ie, there appears to be no way to get it to show you versions of the root folder)

Any ideas?



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1 Answer

Fixed using the s3-pit-restore python project

answered 2 years ago

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