How to set the CDC Path of a dms-endpoint of type S3


It appears there is a new property on a source dms endpoint when it is of type s3 bucket. In the image below, there is a CDC Path property, apparently on the endpoint itself. This does not appear to come from --s3-settings CdcPath or the --extra-connection-attributes CdcPath. I have set both values via modify-endpoint route and the CDC Path property remains blank.

Here is what appears to be a new CDC Path property enter image description here Enter image description here

It is somewhat difficult to assertain, however, I feel that these are from the --s3-settings Enter image description here

And finally, I feel these are being depreciated or at least compressionType has been. These are the --extra-connection-attributes Enter image description here

When I attempt to attach this dms-endpoint as a source to a dms-replication-task, I keep getting an invalid ARN.

When I flip over to an environemsnt where I have write access and enter a value for the CDC Path, seen in the first image, then this endpoint can be used as a source for a replication task.

I am confused perhaps the documentation is stale or else I am missing something.

  1. How to update the CDC Path in the first image from cli?
  2. Would the lack of a value here cause a source endpoint of type s3 from being able to be attached to a dms-replication-task?
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I checked the API calls from my environment after specifying the "CDC Path" on the console, checking Cloudtrail, I see the 'cdcpath' is updated with the value entered in "CDC Path":

"extraConnectionAttributes": "cdcPath=\test\movies",

It seems in the backend the 'cdcpath' is updated with the value entered in the "CDC Path" field.

"How to update the CDC Path in the first image from cli?"

As S3 as a source and its parameters is still new, it doesn't seem like the call to update the "CDC Path" is available on the CLI [1]. I don't see any calls for the same. If you are using the CLI, you can create the endpoint with 'cdcpath' but can update the "CDC Path" manually on the console .

"Would the lack of a value here cause a source endpoint of type s3 from being able to be attached to a dms-replication-task?"

Just entering the ECA 'cdcpath' fails on my end as well, it seems the field is validated before the task starts.

I have created an internal ticket for the same for the internal team to investigate. Currently you can use the console to update the path. You won’t need to specify ECA cdcpath as it will be automatically updated when "CDC Path" is specified.

[1] CreateEndpoint CLI:

answered a year ago
  • Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, my account in upper environments does not have write access to endpoints, so setting the CDC Path is not an option, at the moment. I will keep looking for updates on this and hope there is a way to set this value via api or cli in the near future as it is currently holding up our pipelines.

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