Error message: One or more of the CNAMEs you provided are already associated with a different resource


when adding a domain to app, 1st two steps are marked green, SSL creation and configuration but domain activation fails, however right CNAME is created on CloudFlare, when adding CNAMEs for @ and www on Cloudflare, the website becomes available but domain activation always fails, no matter I delete the domain and add once more or simply Retry.

BTW, noticed that each time I delete domain configuration or run Retry new CNAMEs are generated for @ and www but it is always the same CNAME to be added for domain activation.

My understanding is that only this one CNAME that has always the same value for the same domain (no matter how many times I delete or add the domain to the configuration) is enough for domain activation.

Also difficult to verify if CNAME was created and fully populated as CNAMEs on Cloudflare are flattened and not visible for me when using tools like

Setting CNAME for @ and www is visible to me but not as CNAME record only A and AAAA records that shows some IPs used for resolving.

I was trying to delete the domain, wait for a couple of hours, etc... but nothing helps.

I can add that my domain is hosted on cloudflare, I do not use cloudfront or AWS route53, so other answers for similar questions do not refer for my case.

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Not sure if you have the same problem, but this thread might be useful?

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answered 3 months ago
  • it can be the case as I created my app once more as they simply disappeared from Amplify as well. Will try to delete them via Cli tool, but this is a really bad customer experience, to first lost my apps and then not seeing any solution in the troubleshooting guide for fixing it, many thanks Kallu!


Kallu, your answer pointed me in the right direction but is not directly the solution.

My case was that I wanted to recreate the application with domain as it disappeared just like that, it was critical information that I did not placed in my question as I did not know it matters.

What happened is that it did not disappeared only my geography context changes somehow without any action from my side (context changed to different region), so in a new region that was my new context the application was not visible.

I came to this when I could not delete APP via AWS CLI tool as the list of Apps was empty (once again for the region being my new default context) but when run same command pointing to other region that I believed was the initial one, AWS CLI started to see my app.

So then I did not have too use AWS CLI to delete app, I could delete it in AWS portal and recreate in a new region after without any issue.

answered 3 months ago

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