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Connection refused problems of my EC2 instance


I have problems of connection refused in EC2 instance, my odoo application with docker does not respond, I have changed the group of rules, I have restarted the instance and I cannot start the application, please can you help me with this issue, thanks.

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2 Answers

Hi, are you exposing the appropriate ports on the dockerfile?

answered 19 days ago

Are you able to ssh into this machine? Is this machine on a public subnet or a private subnet? If it is on a public subnet then you should be able to connect as per the security group settings. One more thing to check would be if you have any NACLs on the subnet preventing inbound access on these ports.

You may also want to look at this Premium Support Knowledge Center article to see if you can find any pointers -

Also look at the docker logs to see if you can find anything there.

answered 19 days ago

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