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SageMaker Canvas connect Redshift failed


Try to add the Redshift connection on SageMaker Canvas to import the data

  • The cluster identify: redshift-cluster-1
  • database name: dev
  • database user: awsuser
  • unload IAM Role: my-reshift-role
  • connection name: redshift
  • type: IAM

my-reshift-role trust-relationship is trust the "" and ""

Expectation: create connection successfully

Actually result: RedshiftCreateConnectionError Unable to validate connection. An error occurred when trying to list schema from Redshift

1 Answer
Accepted Answer

The sagemaker canvas using sagemaker domain user, so need add the Redshift permission to the IAM Role attached to domain user. After add the permission, the connection can be setup

answered 9 months ago
reviewed 9 months ago

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