DMS: Source filters are not currently supported for MongoDB


Hello Team,

We are trying to migrate EC2 based Mongo DB to AWS Document DB. We are able to migrate with DMS with Full Load. We have 81M records but we don't want all the data so we need to apply filter to limit the record count. We are getting below error when apply filter for source. Are we not supporting source filters for MongoDB. Can you please confirm.

SYSTEM ERROR MESSAGE:Error in mapping rules. Rule with ruleId = 311929325 failed validation. Source filters are not currently supported for MongoDB

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Hi there!

As of 6/9/2023, source filters are not supported when selecting MongoDB as a source in DMS. This is a documented limitation in the service.

There doesn't seem to be a workaround currently. :(

My best guess is that you will need to migrate all the data and then delete the unwanted rows.

I hope this helps.

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answered a year ago

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