need help about load balancer


hello guys , i am new at amazon ec2 , i want to use application load balancer , i already post 1 time but that method didn't worked for me , i have currently 1 instances right now , i wanna use application load balancer on it , currently i am using cloud panel and WordPress and i am running 3 WordPress website on it , i want to use load balancer so i can use WAF & Shield and CloudFront cdn , please help me anyone

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you can use Application Load Balancer and set the target by using URL path as target group for your 3 WordPress sites.

answered 2 years ago
  • like any example / or like my wesbite is so what willl be path?

  • its not working can you help ?

  • thanks , i have 3 website hosted in one instances , so now i need to use 3 application load balancer right ?

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