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/Error While querying in Athena query editor./

Error While querying in Athena query editor.



I have a file in S3, and while querying got the following error: Need your suggestion to get this fixed.

Qry : SELECT * FROM "de-dup-db"."input_data" limit 10;

Error : SYNTAX_ERROR: line 1:8: Column 'name' cannot be resolved This query ran against the "de-dup-db" database, unless qualified by the query. Please post the error message on our forum or contact customer support with Query Id: c7dde2fc-69be-4814-831f-71448486d4cb

Regards, Keshava

asked 3 months ago55 views
1 Answers

Can you execute SHOW CREATE TABLE de-dup-db.input_data; to validate that the column is called name and that there are no additional characters or encodings?

This error is typically caused when the column does not exist. If you think it should exist, there may be a misspelling or extra character due to encoding.

answered 3 months ago
  • I Executed the above script, got an error as : "Queries of this type are not supported"

    Following are the columns: name, id, age, salary

  • Also these tables are created via AWS Glue, hence data source should be AwsDataCatalog.

  • In the Athena Query Editor, can you click the 3 dots next to the table and click "Generate Table DDL"?

  • Even that's not coming up Chris. Error thrown out. Gave all the relevant data lake permissions on databse, tables as well as on the columns. Am observing this for the first time.

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