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For research purposes, I'm about to run a relatively large computation on AWS (to the tune of $30,000 in CPU costs). The corresponding budget has been approved by my employer, but it is for the current fiscal year only, which ends March 31st. As a result, I would like to settle the bill corresponding to the usage costs for this computation asap after the computation is completed (hopefully by March 20th or so), not waiting for a monthly bill to be issued (presumably in April?).

I see that there is a "Make payment" button in the billing dashboard. Will I be able to use this button to make a one-time payment as above during the month, or will the bill not be available to settle at all?


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Hi, mt-i

While I do understand your position in looking to pay your bill in advance, this isn't a standard payment option that we provide. You'd usually need to wait until your bill generates before being able to make payment.

You're welcome to discuss your scenario further with our Sales and Business Development team, for them to look into the possibility to assist you further:

Warm regards,

answered 4 years ago

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