AWS Connect error - Application has not been enabled for your directory


I am trying to deploy below AWS Connect solution and facing issues with Application UI Solution -

Issue 1 - When I launch the UI, For the agent assist section, I get below error message in browser "To protect your security, *** will not allow Firefox to display the page if another site has embedded it.

In developer tools, I can see below error - [HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden 0ms] The loading of “https://*******/connect/login” in a frame is denied by “X-Frame-Options“ directive set to “SAMEORIGIN“.

I have enabled CORS on S3 bucket as well as CloudFront .

Issue 2 - If I open the link in different tab or new browser I get error "Access Error This application has not been enabled for your directory. Please contact your Administrator for more details." I did add the origins in connect for UI as well as CloudFront

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I was able to solve the issue. This is caused by the connect urls in the solution using the old format. This means that if the Connect instance has been created recently, agentAssist.html will have to be manually updated. The file can be found at here in the repo: The deployed location of this is s3://{YOUR_BUCKET_NAME}/CCP/agentAssist.html

The lines that need updated are 405/406 var loginURL = https://${instanceAlias}; var ccpURL = https://${alias};

To use with a new instance they need changed to : var loginURL = https://${instanceAlias}; var ccpURL = https://${alias};

You can manually overwrite this file in the S3 bucket, but be sure to either wait for the cloudfront cache to clear or invalidate it yourself.

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Have you added the domain for the custom UI to the integrated applications list?

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Thank you for your question and for providing these additional details. In troubleshooting this issue, I would recommend that you follow the following steps/recommendations.

Assumption: You have deployed your CloudFormation template, and it has completed successfully.

Solution 1. Check your Amazon Connect Instance Approved Origins When deploying a custom CCP to a webpage, as this solution details, it is important to make sure that the Amazon CloudFront domain that was created by the CloudFormation template has been added to your Amazon Connect instance as an approved domain.

Step 1: To configure Approved Domains for Amazon Connect, please follow the reference link below. Reference:

Step 2: Once you have added your CloudFront domain to your "Approved origins", navigate back to the CloudFront URL and confirm if the error still appears.

If the error continues to appear, please proceed to the next solution.

Solution 2. Verify and Update your deployed custom CCP webpage There has been a transition away from "${instanceAlias}" domains for the Amazon Connect CCP implementation. Instead, the URL to access the login page and CCP have been updated to "${instanceAlias}"


Step 1: Navigate to the Amazon S3 bucket in which your website files have been deployed, then open the "CCP" folder, where you will find the "agentAssist.html" file.

Step 2: Download and open the file on your local machine and navigate to line 390 where the section for the ccpContainer opens "<section id="ccpContainer">"

Step 3: Modify lines 405 and 406 to the following: Original URLs:

var loginURL = https://${instanceAlias}; var ccpURL = https://${alias};

Updated URLs:

var loginURL = https://${instanceAlias}; var ccpURL = https://${alias};

Step 4: Upload the modified agentAssist.html file to your S3 Bucket, replacing the existing file.

Step 5: Navigate to the CloudFront domain for your AI Powered Speech Analytics website, and verify that the issue has been resolved or persists.

I do sincerely hope that this solves the issue that you're facing with this solution. Please reply if the solutions proposed above did not solve your issue or you have any further questions! Thanks

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