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Log in to My user in AWS re:Post



I'm trying to be an active member of the AWS re:Post Community to help my peers when I have time. However, for some reason, I can't log in to my user multiple times. So every time I want to answer a question, I need to re-create my user which is a bit annoying.

I'm using AWS SSO to log into my AWS Accounts so am guessing that my re:Post user disappears when my AWS IAM Role credentials get rotated. Is there a way around this issue, or have I made some mistake creating my re:Post user?

Thank you!

1 Answer

I recommend using IAM users for the following reasons.

re:Post User is linked to the IAM credentials; for AWS SSO users, it is the IAM role provisioned to the account.

For example, if the Permission Set is reassigned, the IAM roles provisioned to the account will change from AWSReservedSSO_AdministratorAccess_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx to AWSReservedSSO_AdministratorAccess_yyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

As a result, the previous re:Post user will no longer be able to log in.
I had the same event and contacted support.

The same event would occur if the IAM user were re-created, but I chose to use the IAM user as it is less risky.

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answered a month ago
  • Thank you! :) I can't mark this as the correct answer because I lost my user... I really hope AWS will fix this because it makes it quite painful to be helpful.

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