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/Speed Up Loading of Table Visual in Quicksight?/

Speed Up Loading of Table Visual in Quicksight?


I have a Quicksight dataset with around 30M rows. I'm trying to visualize a TABLE from this data (filtering it to only show about 100 records) but it is **SUPER **slow to load (around 20 - 30 seconds). I've tried a number of different techniques to see if it is my formula fields, but other visuals using the same formulas (charts, graphs, insights) all load much quickly then the table visual. So, I think it is the visual rather than the calculation that is causing the slow down. Does anyone have a workaround for this? Would be great to have pagination as a future enhancement to handle this.

asked 5 months ago126 views
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So... for anyone experiencing a similar issue, keep an eye on your use of Table Expressions. I have a SumOver() calculation that was the culprit.

answered 5 months ago

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