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I'm getting "Email address is not verified. " error message.


Our website use Wordpress(Woocommerce), and I installed Fluent SMTP plugin, and I just setup Amazon SES(Still in Sandbox mode)

With Fluent SMTP in wordpress, I tried to send a test email from to , and I got this error message. SimpleEmailService::sendRawEmail(): Sender - MessageRejected: Email address is not verified. The following identities failed the check in region US-WEST-1: Request Id: bb95cbc2-229a-4d3a-82b9-24cb3exxxxxx

Can you let me know why I'm getting this error message? If I send to, and it went through.

By the way, I set Custom MAIL FROM domainI in SES--> Then do I have to use to send email or can I use

Thank you.

2 Answers

Hello - Make sure that you validate that you have gone through the verification and that it was successful. Check out this troubleshoot guide for the error you are receiving. It goes through a few different reasons in which you would receive that error and should help you solve your issue.

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answered a month ago

Make sure your ses reputation status shows healthy , and you have verified identities with domain then you can send mail from anyid@domainname , yes you need to use

answered a month ago

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