Mount an AWS Secrets Manager secret in an Amazon EKS pod



Has anyone had any luck following the AWS Tutorial for mounting AWS Secrets Manager Secrets in an Amazon EKS Pod

When I follow the instructions and sample yaml files, validating that roles and secrets are setup - I get the following error in the csi-secrets-store logs in the kube-system namespace

 secretproviderclasspodstatus_controller.go:263] "no secret objects defined for spc, nothing to reconcile" spc="default/nginx-deployment-aws-secrets" spcps="default/nginx-deployment-bfd6fdc6c-ls5pm-default-nginx-deployment-aws-secrets"

When I update the SecretProviderClass yaml to use secretObjects instead of objects - I get the following error

E1115 11:53:47.051196       1 nodeserver.go:242] "failed to mount secrets store object content" err="missing object versions" pod="default/nginx-deployment-bfd6fdc6c-fwqft"

Has anyone any recommendations on what I can do?

1 Answer

The error message seems to indicate that the version number of the secret has not been provided.

Without the configuration file it's not possible to tell but it's worthwhile reading the documentation about secret versions.

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answered 6 months ago
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reviewed 6 months ago

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