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Domain Transfer from closing account.


Closing account do to malicious IP assigned for service after purchasing a domain and before the 60 probation waiting period for domain transfer. Can't I just have the zone file then at 60 days, push the zone file to my register? Should I be billed for the two months my domain is in limbo? The Route-53 console denies me access to the Zone file and errors when unlock transfer option is clicked. Any solutions? Been given a malicious IP by AWS is unacceptable, and is reason for the abrupt cancellation of services and has been verified by AWS as a malicious IP.

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I apologize for the trouble & any concerns this may have caused. For details about transferring a registration for a domain, transferring requirements, & domain billing, please take a look into these resources:


For further assistance with your charges, I recommend creating a support case with our Accounts & Billing team. They're best tooled to assist with this and may be able to provide you with further guidance:


— Thomas E.

answered a month ago

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