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/Can we have CI/CD with bluetooth devices in AWS?/

Can we have CI/CD with bluetooth devices in AWS?


Hi everyone,

Currently, I am in charge of setting CI/CD for mobile app projects which need to be run with our specific BlueTooth device.

I think I can set up it in an on-premises solution which is we plug our phone and require the phone to connect to Bluetooth automatically for testing.

I wonder can we do it in AWS (we will send our Bluetooth to AWS)?

Hope for your answer!

Thank you a lot for your help!

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I am Not froom AWS, I dont think there is possibility from the AWS to send your device for the testing because i do not see this kind of feature available in AWS.

But Why can't you do in On-premises:

  • Yes you can leverage AWS Codepipeline tools to run and deploy your jobs in on-premses so you need to register your Machine before doing anything

I can referece some links to help you more

Codebuild : Codedeploy:

Thank You

answered a month ago

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