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Hello, in my company we use an IP range located in Chile, but in your services I think the geolocation is not updated, since several IPs are blocked. I would like to know if using any AWS service, whether it is setting up an instance, creating a VPC or using DNS records, could force the geolocation update on your systems or will there be another solution?

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This previous answer should help you.


Update the geolocation of your IP with Maxmind.

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answered a year ago
  • The IP segment is provided to me by LACNIC. Could it work using the AWS DNS record, and send a request to maxmind and thus update the geolocation in its database?

  • No I believe that IP geolocation has to be updated by the owner of IP block. AWS subscribes to this info.

  • Amazon uses another database besides maxmind?

  • What do you do if MaxMind, Whois, ARIN, etc has the correct geolocation but Amazon Cloudfront is still blocking. Seems impossible to actually open a ticket with Amazon to resolve the issue for our customers.

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