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Question about removing elasticbeanstalk


i removed all elasticbeanstalks on aws consoloe and shut down the server on aws. but one server i made is still running on aws server. For instance, if i send a request to DNS that i got from aws through postman, i still get a response. Because of this issue, the cost that i have to pay keeps increasing. I chekced over and over again if there is a remaining elasticbeanstalks i made, but i cannot find any. can anyone help me for sorting out this issue? thank you

  • One way is to look at the Billing details and find which Region the Host deployed and then in respective region check ElasticBeanStalk / EC2 Console.

1 Answers

Hi Taehee, our guide here: can help in eliminating AWS resources on your account you no longer need.

Another resource you may find helpful is this document: on avoiding unexpected charges on your AWS account.

Lastly, keep in mind the AWS Pricing Calculator: is always available at your convenience.

answered a month ago

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