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Can I not run Xen hypervisor in a bare-metal instance?



I am trying to run my own Xen hypervisor in a bare-metal instance. I tried two things:

  1. Create a regular Linux bare-metal instance, and then build and install Xen from source code in the instance.
  2. Create a AMI containing Xen hypervisor from Virtualbox and import it to an AWS bare-metal instance.

Both failed with status "1/2 checks passed". I am wondering what I missed.

Thank you.

  • If your running it on my platform it's not ready yet . I need a IT department to clan the platform up . If your trying to help me please have at it . If not please contact Amazon IT department for me and tell them I need there help .. I would greatly appreciate it

asked 8 months ago36 views
1 Answer

I could use support bringing all my cloud to one platform.

answered 8 months ago

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