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Application Load Balancer doesn't send user claims in HTTP headers


I'm trying to authenticate users using aws alb.

I have Open ID Connect Provider application and it works.

Following , after user authenticated, load balancer should send the user claims in HTTP headers.

My OIDC provider application sends user claims to LB, but I cannot find x-amzn-oidc-* headers from the request.

How do I get x-amzn-oidc-* headers from LB?

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Once the user is authenticated by the IdP and user claims are sent to the ALB, the ALB should be sending the x-amzn-oidc-* headers to the backends with every request.
Can you confirm if you are checking for headers on the client side or on the server?
Note that the headers are not set on the client side for the responses but are set only on the requests sent to the server. Hence will only be visible on your application side as normal HTTP headers.

If you are still facing issues please provide your ELB name so we can check on our end.

answered 3 years ago

I checked the header from client. When I check my server, I could get x-amzn-oidc-* headers.

answered 3 years ago

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