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My apologies if this is not the correct forum section but it seemed to be the closest to my questions.

In looking at our needs upcoming I may be configuring several site-to-site VPN connections from several different customers. I was a little concerned that the limitation on S2S VPN was 10 per VPC. I could not find any forums/docs or general Googling that made it clear if there was a way to increase that number by a support submission or if it was at all possible. If anyone has any info on my questions below I would greatly appreciate some clarity.

  1. Is it possible at all to increase the number of S2S VPN connections per VPC?
  2. Region limitations state that there is a maximum of 50 S2S VPN connections per region. Is that based on the default 5 VPNs (10x5)?
  3. If we paid to increase the number of VPCs from 5 to 6 would that mean our new region limit is 60?
  4. What if any alternatives are there for us who may need a large number of VPN connections to various customers?

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It appears that AWS allows you to Request Service limit increase for both VPN connections per Region and VPN connections per VPC. Go to the following link:

- Select Service limit increase
- Limit type: VPC
- Region: <your region>
- Limit:  Provides dropdown for both
      - VPN connections per Region
       - VPN connections per VPC
- Fill in Use case description and contact info

Hope this helps!

answered 3 years ago

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