How to connect an IoT Thing to Greengrass V2


I'm trying Greengrass V2 and I dont' know how to connect a IoT Thing (a raspberry pi) to my Greengrass core running on my local gateway. Is this similar to V1? What steps should I do to connect a device to core MQTT broker to start sending messages?

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Unfortunately Greengrass Aware Device (GGAD) support is not yet available with version 2. We are actively working on addressing this gap and hope to release it in the coming months. Until that time, you can use Greengrass version 1 or you could use this example code for V2 ( as a skeleton for implementing your own MQTT broker on V2 in order to support remote devices.

Michael Dombrowski

answered 2 years ago

Thank you, Michael Dombrowski.

answered 2 years ago

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