Cannot attach SSL certificate got form Let's Encrypt


I have got my SSL certificate from Let's Encrpyt. I have uploaded it to the ACM and am able to see my domain there. I have uploaded it to the CloudFront and while adding the Alternative domain name am getting this error "The certificate that is attached to your distribution was not issued by a trusted Certificate Authority"

These are the documentations for the trusted ssl providers by Amazon, My domain has been issued by the Let's Encrypt ( E1 ). While checking the above documentation if my issuer is trusted ,
Let's encrypt is not given in Certificate Issuer Organization , but "Internet Security Research Group" this organization has its website name as .

To eloborate ,the organization "Internet Security Research Group" in the column Certificate Issuer Organization has **** in the Company Website column

Am super confused , is Let's Encrypt authorized by AWS or am I missing anything ?

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Hi Bhavesh,

Did you upload the certificate to ACM on us-east-1 region?

To use an ACM certificate with CloudFront, you must request or import the certificate in the US East (N. Virginia) region.

Best Regards,

Ricardo Makino

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answered a year ago

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