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ETL Replication from Oracle to Postgres


I need to replicate data from Oracle database(views) to Postgres . please let me know the best to do it.I believe AWS Glue can help in replicating ETL data, If you have any documents(step by step instructions) please share with me. If you have any other tool Please share the details.

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Adding to the above point, SCT can help to move from Oracle to Glue - [] Converting extract, transform, and load (ETL) processes with AWS Schema Conversion Tool -

Adding that to the "data" movement via SCT + DMS (as mentioned in prev response)& connecting to RDS can help - [] AWS Glue connection properties - AWS Glue JDBC connection properties -

More details should-be discussed with your Solutions Architect Team - Hope the links above help in the general idea of the architecture

answered a month ago


Thanks for posting on AWS re:Post.

I think the doc below will give a high level overview of the process of migration->

Ideally - AWS SCT-> [] What is the AWS Schema Conversion Tool? -

Couple with DMS will help->

Oracle as source [] Using an Oracle database as a source for AWS DMS -

Postgres as target [] Using a PostgreSQL database as a target for AWS Database Migration Service -

I sincerely hope I was able to shed some light on the matter for you - Have a great rest of the day!

answered a month ago

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