MSK Connect Debezium Connector using AWS Glue Schema Registry for AVRO serialization


We are trying to integrate change data capture into our MSK cluster using the Debezium SQL Server plugin with AVRO serialization and AWS Glue Schema Registry. The connector appears to be working correctly as we can see the messages flowing into the Kafka topic and the AVRO schema is registered into our schema registry. However, when we attempt to deserialize the message from Kafka in a lambda function (MSK trigger), we are getting an error saying that the Schema cannot be found. We are using this library to do the AVRO serializaton/deserialization in both the connector and our lambda function. We've added some additional logging to the library and have found that the schema version id that gets written into the message during serialization is different than the one that gets pulled out of the message during deserialization. Has anyone successfully used Debezium with MSK connect and AWS Glue Schema registry? Pertinent configuration for our MSK connector is provided below:

  "key.converter": "",
  "key.converter.schemas.enable": "false",
  "key.converter.avroRecordType": "GENERIC_RECORD",
  "key.converter.region": "AWS_REGION",
  "key.converter.schemaAutoRegistrationEnabled": "true",
  "value.converter": "",
  "value.converter.schemas.enable": "true",
  "value.converter.avroRecordType": "GENERIC_RECORD",
  "value.converter.region": "AWS_REGION",
  "value.converter.schemaAutoRegistrationEnabled": "true",
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