My Bill is not generated yet for the Month of February.


My Bill is not generated yet for the Month of February. and it showing Bill status as pending why is it so ? how can i make the payment then ?

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Hello, What is the invoice-generating date of the previous month's bills? Is your default payment method still valid?


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  • Every 1st We are getting invoce and we pay it manually


Hi Abhinav,

The bill for the previous month is generated at the beginning of the new month It takes typically 2-3 Business Days of the next month to issue the bill.

If you use the AWS Cost and Usage Report, then check the bill/InvoiceID column. This column is blank until your bill is finalized.

Incase the issue is still persisting, It is recommended to log an AWS Support Ticket with "Account & Billing" to get immediate support.


Regards, Varun

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