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Hi, I have an app runner service that i want to link to my route 53 hosted zone and domain (purchased in route 53). When i do the link it addes the CNAME and ALIAS correctly but then goes to the state of pending certificate DNS validation. I have a certificate for the domain created in certificate manager (and issues) but i created in via email verification, so i dont have the CNAME records to put in the hosted zone. Is there another way i need to link the certificate or will this be managed behind the scenes ? Thanks Martin

  • Not sure. Didn‘t try it till now. But you could try to place a lambda catching the DNS request for the trust cert and inject it from the mail with an AWS API call. Very complex but you can sell it laters to AWS 😅 or do open source. ❤️

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If you have set up a custom domain using the steps in the document below, I think the certificate will be automatically linked.
I think the status "pending certificate DNS validation" is checked from the AppRunner screen, but it may take some time for the status to be reflected.

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answered a month ago

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