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PrivateLink Matching AZ on Consumer/Provider


In a scenario where the provider application extended via PrivateLink, is hosted in az1 and az2 in a particular region and the consumer only has subnets provisioned in az2 and az3, thus only have a single az2 in common and have the endpoint in it. What can the provider/consumer do to avoid any issues in case of az2 failure?

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The service provider can enable cross-zone load balancing on the NLB. In that case the consumer could have an endpoint ENI in any az (i.e. az2 and az3). Even though there are no provider services in az3 traffic coming in on ENI in az3 would be sent to the provider VPC and then across AZs to any live target (az2 or az1). The provider will pay for the cross-az data transfer. re:Invent talk is a good resource for this.

answered 3 years ago

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