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AWS connect create a task from API


Hi, The requirement is when we invoke CreateTaskContact API call on Amazon connects from Lambda using python boto 3 function "start_task_contact", Is there anyway way to pass a phone number as the value to the "Reference" attribute. So When the task reaches the agent, he can simply click on the phone number to make an outbound call? Currently, the "reference" attribute is only accepting URL as the type and valid URL as a value. Anything other than this is throwing an InvalidRequestException error.

Regards jo

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As per the API Guide, use the 'Attributes' to pass in phone number:

"Attributes": { "TripAdvisorScore" : "5 out of 5" , "PhoneNumber": "+44112233445566" },

Thx Dan

answered 4 months ago

As per the documentation the only valid values for Type are **URL **and **ATTACHMENT **( And attachment doesn't appear to be useful for anything currently.

The simplest way to achieve this would be to use the Streams API and create a custom CCP that displays the click to call link along side the CCP. You'd then use Dan's comment about attaching the PhoneNumber as an attribute for the number to use in the click to call.

I've thought of some other options, such as calling the StartOutboundVoiceContact API via the url, but they get pretty ugly pretty quickly.

answered 4 months ago

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