Capture Flow Logs for VPC privatelink


I have a service that im exposing to another AWS customer with their own account using VPC private link feature. I have the NLB configured and accepted the connection. when I do a packet capture from the device within customer account, I see them sending Syn when my NLB trasmits ACK, it doesnt reach the end client. IS there a way we can enable flow logs for VPC private link to prove that the private link on my side did sent the packet ?

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The documentation points out that Traffic between an endpoint network interface and a Network Load Balancer network interface isn't logged. So that's not going to help you.

For troubleshooting: Ensure that the Security Groups and NACLs in both VPCs allow traffic. If it were me, I would set up an environment in another VPC in my account that is the same as the customer environment and troubleshoot from there as well.

If all else fails, please contact our support team.

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