Need Help with Aws Cli Command for INSPECTOR 2 Report


Hi I am trying to get a Report of INSPECTOR 2 in CSV Format with only ACTIVE Findings, some how I am not able to, but I am getting the report with All Findings which is a huge file The command I am using -- aws inspector2 create-findings-report --report-format CSV --s3-destination bucketName=inspector-scan-report-$env,keyPrefix=$today_date,kmsKeyArn=arn:aws:kms:us-east-1:.....

But I need this command to get only ACTIVE Findings, Can some one please help me with this, Thank you

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You can try to use the filter criteria like that shown below:

aws inspector2 create-findings-report --filter-criteria '{"findingStatus" : [{"comparison" : "EQUALS", "value": "ACTIVE"}]}'  --report-format CSV --s3-destination bucketName=<bucketname>-$env,keyPrefix=$today_date,kmsKeyArn=arn:aws:kms:us-east-1 ....
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answered a year ago
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  • Thank you. I am using the Wrong Filter, your answer helped me thank you

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