AWS RDS - Microsoft SQL Express Server - Cannot add users with permissions


I created a MS SQL Express server on my Amazon Web Services account. During this process I had to create a master username/password. With these credentials I'm able to create and see any database on the server, as well as other logins.

I created a separate login, but according to AWS documentation, it wont let me assign any of the following roles: The following server-level roles are not currently available in Amazon RDS:
bulkadmin dbcreator diskadmin securityadmin serveradmin sysadmin

How can I create separate user accounts on this database, with full access to the database? So far any new user created cannot create a DB or see any existing data.

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2 Answers

You need to grant permissions to the user, not these server roles. For example, to allow a user to create databases you would grant them “Create Any Database”. You would also grant them database level permissions (or in some cases roles) on other databases you want them to access.

answered 5 years ago

Does a connection to SQL Server get established? A user with admin privileges should be able to add users.

answered 5 years ago

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