Cloudformation: update stack error Service: ElastiCache, Status Code: 400


Hi, Im using cdk to to create a stack with a redis cluster

       const subnets = => subnet.subnetId);
       const subnetGroups = new CfnSubnetGroup(
                description: 'redis-subnets-${environmentName}',
                subnetIds: subnets
        new RedisLogs(

        const logsDeliveryConfiguration: CfnCacheCluster.LogDeliveryConfigurationRequestProperty = {
            logFormat: 'json',
            logType: 'slow-log',
            destinationDetails: {
                cloudWatchLogsDetails: {
                    logGroup: `/redis/${environmentName}`
            destinationType: 'cloudwatch-logs'

        const clusterProps: CfnCacheClusterProps = {
            cacheNodeType: 'cache.t3.micro',
            engine: 'redis',
            numCacheNodes: 1,
            autoMinorVersionUpgrade: true,
            vpcSecurityGroupIds: [securityGroup.securityGroupId],
            cacheSubnetGroupName: subnetGroups.ref,
            clusterName: `cluster-${environmentName}`,
            logDeliveryConfigurations: [logsDeliveryConfiguration],
            engineVersion: "6.2"

        this.redisCluster = new CfnCacheCluster(


cloudformation fails with this error into resource redisSubnets:

Resource handler returned message: "No modifications were requested. (Service: ElastiCache, Status Code: 400, Request ID: xxxxxxxx)" (RequestToken: xxxxxxx, HandlerErrorCode: GeneralServiceException)

Im using the same code for develop, certification environments, only in test environment causes this error This stack is in a bigger stack with several nested stacks like ecs, rds and another services, curiously, redis stack not have any changes

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Greetings of the day!! Thank you for contacting AWS.

I understand you are getting the following error "Resource handler returned message: "No modifications were requested." while creating a stack with Redis cluster via CDK and though the code works well for production environment, it is failing for the test environment where no changes were made to the Redis stack.

To answer your question, we require details that are non-public information. Please open a support case with AWS using the following link

Thank you and have a nice day!!

answered 2 years ago

I had this when I changed subnets in my VPC. I have added new ACL to make my subnets private, so I had to change from Enter image description here

answered a year ago

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