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WorkMail and Windows Email Client


I have just migrated my email over from Google to WorkMail.

I've gone through all the setup and configured Auto Discovery.

This works well, I can add workmail as an Exchange Server and I get email working correctly pretty much everywhere, except the default mail cline ton Windows 11.

The Windows 10 Email App works flawlessly, connects and downloads email.

The Windows 11 email app I can add the WorkMail account, I can connect with just email adress and password, but the email never synchronizes.

asked 6 months ago56 views
2 Answers


While we are working on the problem, you can try using IMAP+SMTP:

Best Regards, Dima

answered 6 months ago
  • Investigation showed, that the Advanced Setup > Exchange ActiveSync option in Windows 11 Mail and Calendar app does not work anymore. It also does not work for MS products, like Office 365 and on-perm Exchange servers. It looks like a bug in the app.



You're case has been forwarded to the service team and they are looking into this. If there is an update I will post this here.

Kind regards, Robin

answered 6 months ago

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