Deleting Elastic Beanstalk clone environment


In AWS console I cloned my Elastic Beanstalk and didn't change anything in the clone environment page.

My original environment has a decoupled database which I'm sure that won't be affected in deletion but when checking the configuration they share the security group and subnet and I'm worried that it will be affected in the deletion.

Can you guys confirm it will not be affected when I terminate the clone.

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Security groups and subnets are not created by ElasticBeanstalk, so I think they will remain even if you delete the environment.
When you create an ElasticBeanstalk environment from the management console, CloudFormation should be running, so you can check which resources have been created by checking the CloudFormation console.

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answered 6 months ago
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reviewed 11 days ago
  • Thanks deleted it successfully without affecting the original.

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