Cloud9 debugger setBreakpoint error



I am trying to debug a python file on cloud9. However i got the following setBreakpoint error

[IKP3db-g] 22:21:38,811879 - INFO - IKP3db 1.4.1 - Inouk Python Debugger for CPython 3.6+
[IKP3db-g] 22:21:38,814775 - INFO - IKP3db listening on
[IKP3db-g] 22:21:39,086305 - INFO - Connected with
[IKP3db-g] 22:21:39,231887 - ERROR - setBreakpoint error: Line /.aws/ does not exist.

any suggestion will be appreciated

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1 Answer

I tried doing this with a sample python script and it worked for me. I just had to first make sure that I have saved the code file, and second I have selected the "Run in Debug Mode".

Sample script I used

string1 = "Linux"
string2 = "Hint"
joined_string = string1 + string2

Refer screenshot highlighting this and showing the debug is working. sample

Try using this simple script to check if debug function is working fine. If it doesn't then it could mean some issue and needs further investigation.

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answered 9 months ago

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