AWS Lambda>functions shows UnknownError


I login the AWS console with root account. Go to AWS Lambda>functions page, there is no lambda function list but error "UnknownError". Please help, thanks. Enter image description here

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I have not experienced this specific issue, but other users that have had similar issues got past the error by switching browsers. This is the "unknow error" post I am referring to. The AWS console supports these browsers and has pretty good feature parity between them, but I would recommend testing a different browser just in case the issue is browser related.

I've also run into similar similar issues, but they typically had to do with permissions; I was not logged in as the root user, so I would also double-check that.

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  • Thanks for your suggestions. I visited the webpage with Microsoft Edge broswer and from the browers's developer tool, i got some errors. The errors show that there is 403 error when requesting http api, but i could not understand why this issue happended on AWS root account.

  • Ju, have you figured out what was the problem?


Hi, can you send a screen of the error?

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answered 5 months ago
  • edited my question by adding screen of error

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