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I had requested a quota increase vCPU for the region AP-South-1 (Mumbai) for launching an instance of the Nvidia Gaming Server 2019 image (requires series). The request had been approved and the vCPU count on the quota's page is reflecting the ask. However, when I try launching an instance of the same, I'm getting an error stating that "I've requested more vCPU than my current limit". I did post the same to the support guys, but no help from their end, and are asking me to purchase a premium support plan, which is ridiculous in its very nature, 29$ for such a trivial thing, makes no sense. If I'm not mistaken, this can only be resolved by the support team as it involves something to do with the AWS account. However, if you've faced such a problem before, I could really use your help on the same.

Thanks, Maddy

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