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/Lightsail backup issue - cost/

Lightsail backup issue - cost


Because of plesk license issue by instance , we have to put two sites in one instance. if i upgrade to 8gb memory 160gb disk the cost for backup is high. Our harddisk usage is only <15gb How to reduces backup cost?

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Thank you for using Amazon Lightsail. You may already be aware of this, but referring to the Amazon Lightsail FAQ (, under the question "Q: What do Lightsail snapshots cost?", the following is explained:

"Lightsail snapshots cost $0.05 USD/GB-month for both instance snapshots and for disk snapshots. This means if you take a snapshot of your 30 GB SSD instance and keep it for a month, you pay $1.50 USD at the end of the month. When you take multiple successive snapshots of the same instance, Lightsail automatically cost-optimizes your snapshots. For each new snapshot you take, you're changed only for the part of the instance that changed. In the example above, if your instance only changes by 2 GB, your second instance snapshot costs only $0.10 USD per month."

So, only your first snapshot would increase in cost (vs a smaller instance size). Any subsequent snapshots of the instance will be cost-optimized and you would only be charged for the difference between snapshots. If you have multiple snapshots, you would not pay $8/mo for every snapshot ($0.05 USD/GB-month X 160 GB), unless you make 160GB of changes between snapshots.

The way to reduce backup cost would be to simply store less data on your instance. A few ways you can accomplish this are by offloading static files to Lightsail buckets, or by using a Lightsail Database instead of an on-instance database.

I hope this helps!


answered 4 months ago

I know that. issue is i do not need 160gb disk space in 8GB ram instance. If i do snapshot on it i pay more. And i am using 10% of diskspace.

answered 4 months ago
  • I understand. I will take your feedback back to the team.

    Amazon EC2 provides more control over how much storage your instance has, as you can attach an EBS volume of any size to an EC2 instance. Lightsail provides several pre-defined bundle sizes to simplify the user experience and cost, which can mean that we do not offer configurations like this.

    Thank you for your feedback! -Max


Database backup i just have to do cron job to export sql every day to google drive.

answered 4 months ago

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