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One of my EC2 servers running on Ubuntu 18 LTS, went down for 15 minutes yesterday and there was no anomaly regarding alarms and metrics. CPU utilization and other metrics were normal but EC2 server was completely not responding at all. Eventually I had to STOP and START it again and after that it was working fine. All of my applications were using less than 60% of RAM and using less than 40% of CPU.

And after 6 hours of that incident it went down again for 5 minutes but this time it went up automatically after 5 minutes without my involvement.

Can you guys suggest anything in order to solve this issue in future? Thanks.

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Check the system logs produced by the OS in EC2.
It is possible that there is a message that can help resolve the problem in some way.

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answered 2 days ago
  • I have checked logs in EC2 console and in Ubuntu's syslog file. But couldn't find any failed message.

  • All of my applications running in good health from many weeks. I didn't experience this kind of issue before.

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