Django Manifest with Elastic Beanstalk Docker Platform


I have my application running on Elastic Beanstalk with Docker Platform and I am using my own nginx container. Recently for serving static files I used Manifest django tool which is successfully running but after deploying this tool I am getting this on my web

web console

I wanna tell you that the staticfiles.json is perfectly being created in my staticfiles folder and the new versions of my static files are perfectly being generated. Here is my

And here is my I even tried not in if statement cuz my app holds


on elastic beanstalk.

The logs are saying nothing - Please HELP!!!

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What does it look like in normal condition?
Also, can you check your browser's developer tools to see if there are any errors in displaying the image?

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answered 4 days ago
  • I updated the answer with inspect logs. Please check

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