How to get log file from SERVER_PROCESS_CRASHED.


Well long story short, I got SERVER_PROCESS_CRASHED after I updated to Unreal5.3.

However, I don't see any option to download any log file when this happen. (Usually I there's an option to download log file after server has shutdown.)

How do add and download log file for this process?

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I don't believe Elastic Beanstalk applies here since GameLift owns the EC2 instances for your managed fleets.

GameLift game session logs only upload if a game session was created on the compute in question. If your server process has crashed before going active, then there won't be game session logs uploaded.

In this scenario you can log directly into your GameLift compute resource and see the logs on the box,

Hope that helps!

answered 2 months ago

No that doens't log when server crash no?

answered 2 months ago

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