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How Can I FTP into my Lightsail instance?


In advance, I appreciate you giving of your time to respond!

I'm used to the traditional hosting scenario (like a dreamhost or something of the sort). With a new site I opted for AWS and went Lightsail as it is a simple Wordpress. The site was installed and set up and running. I needed to update the theme and tried from the Wordpress back end and it got screwed up. It's there but now I can't get in to modify.

In a 'traditional' host, I'd be able to log in via FTP. I log into my lightsail console and can't find anything on FTP info or instructions. Searching help, there are some instructions but they make it challenging for a novice. Stuff like Amazon API Gateway - I have no idea!

There an easy way to set up FTP so I can go in via Filezilla and replace the theme in the file structure?

thanks again.

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4 Answers

FTP is considered to be extraordinarily insecure.

I would suggest you use ssh file transfer. Take a look at FileZilla, which is a very flexible open source file transfer utility.


answered 2 years ago

Thank you David.

Silly novice question. FileZilla is my preferred path. I'm not sure how to set up the dang thing. any idea how/where to determine the credentials to get in via FileZilla?

answered 2 years ago

Hello, and thank you for using Amazon Lightsail!

We have a guide in the docs for this (thankfully, specific to FileZilla!). Read it here:

You need to download your private key and use SFTP. The guide should be relatively straightforward. If you run into issues or need help, I'd be happy to assist!

Thank you,

answered 2 years ago

This WORKED! Thank you Maxwell. Before you, this was a few days of searching with no luck. This guide was perfect.

answered 2 years ago

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