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EC2 Instance Connect has been a great tool especially when teaching large classes. Up until last week (mid-September 2022) we could have EC2 instance connect in a window and the whole screen was for the terminal. Now there is a fixed sized panel below the terminal window that shows information about the EC2 instance and IP addresses. The problem is that when zooming in, the panel obscures a large portion of the terminal window.

Is there any way to either hide or reduce the size of this bottom panel?

EC2 Instance connect with bottom panel

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Thanks for your feedback. At this moment, it shows

  • Instance id
  • PublicIPs
  • PrivateIPs

We can take this feedback to the team.

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answered 2 months ago
  • Thanks - I believe it is useful information to have but it would be nice if the panel can be hidden or re-sized because when you zoom in (Press CTRL+) the panel grows to cover up the bottom of the window.

  • Thanks for the feedback. We will send this to the team.

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