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/What changes an MSK cluster's "current_version"?/

What changes an MSK cluster's "current_version"?


I'm trying to understand how to code my Terraform for MSK, and noticing that the "current_version" changed after my changes were applied. That makes sense since it did change the PCA configuration... but which kinds of changes actually cause that property to change? Does every aws kafka update-cluster-configuration change it?

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According to the documentation

Updating the Apache Kafka version using the AWS CLI

aws kafka get-compatible-kafka-versions --cluster-arn ClusterArn

Below command updates the Apache Kafka version for the cluster:

aws kafka update-cluster-kafka-version --cluster-arn ClusterArn --current-version Current-Cluster-Version --target-kafka-version TargetVersion

Updating the Apache Kafka version using the API

  1. Invoke the GetCompatibleKafkaVersions operation to get a list of the Apache Kafka versions to which you can update the cluster.

  2. Invoke the UpdateClusterKafkaVersion operation to update the cluster to one of the compatible Apache Kafka versions.

answered 2 months ago

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